Trademark WatchIng

With registering your trademark you have protected it, which is the most important value of the companies. Well don’t you would like watch your trademark imitations to protect your trademark value?
In 2011 the trademark applications to the Turkish patent Institute increased remarkable.

With these increases, Turkey has become the country with the highest number of trademark applications in Europe. This situation increases the importance of trademark watching.

Registered trademark owner should follow the official trademark bulletin every month, which involve approximately 6.000 trademark applications. The bulletin is issued from Turkish Patent Institute.
This creates a significant time and cost loss for the trademark owner.

Tercih Patent, which gets the data from the Turkish Patent Institute only by transferring it to its own database, examines the trademark requested to watch in terms of formal, phonetics and array.

On review the detected similar trademarks would be submit in case of report to the trademark owner every month periodically.