Need to know about Patent

Patents are helping to technical problems with technical solutions. The inventions that are not made in Turkey and in the world that are not made before, applied to the industry and known techniques are a monopoly recognized by being produced, sold or prevented from using for a limited period. Firms that protect their partnerships with Patent Traders are protected from competing with competitors but they also add products that are presented to their competitors with narrower space on the market. This brings great advantages to the firm.

ForeIgn Patent

Also Patents as trademarks and Designs recognize the monopoly of inventors in countries where they have been subject to the principle of territoriality. A Patent application which hasn’t applied for a foreign application is protected only in the registered country.


It is a system, which gives the possibility to make an application over 143 countries, if you are a member of PCT. The company provides a 30 month period of time together with the priority period for the application in the related countries. Companies could choose during the while and the situation of the patents the country.


The European Patent Convention gives the possibility to make an application in 37 countries. All procedures of European Patent is making by the EPO (European Patent Office). Search and examination is fulfilled by EPO. If the transactions are completed you will become a document. The translation of the official language from the country must be finished in specified time for the application.

Classical Patent (TerrItorIal) ApplIcatIon

Each country should apply separately. It is the most suitable form of the application because it is more convenient.

InventIon watchIng

Turkish Patent Institute follows the official patent bulletins, which are published monthly. Inventions or applications on the basis of company are present in reports every month. With this following companies are informed with news and they can see the evil-disposed applications so that they can make the opposition transactions.

Patent Research

With our inventions you are always forward of your competitors. We are looking if your invention is registered or not in other countries so that you haven’t spent your energy. Patent research is making in terms of subject, classes, invention contains and company. The Turkish Patent Institute gives possibility to companies to research on web sites and

Patent Process and Types

Patents are registered in 3 types: Patent investigate registration: 20 years, Patent registration without examination: 7 years and utility patent: 10 years.

ExamIned Patent

If you are paying the renewal fee per year, you will become a 20 year protection. Examined patent registration has the most protection time to other applications. If the invention is found appropriate it would make a research choice.