Design is at the forefront of the arguments that companies are operating in the same sector have used to attract customers to their products. A design is the whole of a product or a piece or the whole ornamentation of the various elements or features perceived by the human senses, such as line, shape, form, color, texture, material or flexibility. The designs are different from the customers in all areas of life from glasses, shoes, telephones, to cars.

ForeIgn DesIgns

Companies want to protect their Designs foreign so that companies could apply for registration in the relevant countries. Design without foreign application provides only the origin in the country.

LAHEY (The InternatIonal desIgn regIstratIon system)

This system provides you with one application registration possibility in all 42 countries or in one proportion.

OHIM (European Patent agreement)

It provides with one application registration possibility in 27 EU countries.

GeographIcal IndIcatIon

It means indicating the origin of a product that possesses a specific quality, reputation or other characteristic attributes to that place, area, region or country of origin. The product to get the little of geographical sing is called geographical indication if at least one of the activities of production, processing or preparation of the product takes place with in the defined boundaries of the place, arena and region. Ex: Antep Baklavası, Adana Kebabı To get a geographical indication registration you should have a place of residence in Turkey verge.

Integrated CIrcuIt Topography

Integrated circuit Topography is an electronic circuit.
The registration protection is valid for 10 years. To use this protection you should make the application in 2 years after it is published. If the time is out you could not make an application for the protection.